Three Ways You Can Prepare Your Child For Daycare

If you and your young child are new to the daycare world, it can be hard to know what to expect. You may not know what to pack your child or they may feel anxiety about spending time away from you. However, you can prepare them (and yourself) for their daycare stay by following these simple processes.

Packing A Daycare Back Pack

Daycare backpacks are filled with items that will be useful for your child and their care professionals. They make a child's stay more comfortable and relaxing as well. There are a variety of items that you should include every day, such as:

  • Two changes of clothes
  • Sealing bags
  • Diapers (if necessary)
  • Healthy snacks
  • Any comfort items they may want
  • Items for weather protection (such as coats or suntan lotion)

Try to avoid packing toys and similar items because tracking who they belong to may be hard. Over-packing your child's pack is also not advised, as it will make it more difficult for them to lift their bag and makes it easier to lose small items when they get unpacked.

Getting Them Socially Prepared

Daycare is often the first chance for many children to learn important social integration techniques. As a result, you need to get your children socially prepared as quickly as possible. Children are fast learners, but they need your guidance. Help them by:

  • Teaching them appropriate social skills (such as avoiding bullying, sharing, and playing with other children) to prepare them for the difficulties of daycare.
  • Gauging their emotions and teach them ways to manage their emotions (such as anger or frustration with other children) by calming down, talking to the daycare counselor, or removing themselves from the situation.
  • Foster problem-solving skills to help them avoid becoming violent, disrespectful, or sad. Essentially, you are teaching them how to successfully interact with other children in a friendly and courteous way.

Though these aren't the only skills your children will need to learn, these three can help them prepare. Many other socialization skills will be learned in the daycare center.

Breaking Their Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety will vary in children as they age. Typically, it strikes when they're around eight months old and peaks when they are about one to two years old. If your child is suffering from separation anxiety, you are going to have a hard time leaving them at a daycare center.

Instead, you're going to have to break it early by following these techniques:

  • Say goodbye quickly and without fanfare
  • Introduce them to other caregivers at a young age
  • Leave them alone for short periods and increase your time apart slowly
  • Don't leave without letting them know
  • Make your time apart fun by leaving them with fun people

By following these tips, you'll help your child be prepared to walk into daycare with a smile on their face. You'll also be doing yourself a major favor, as you won't worry so much about what they're up to while you're gone. Click here to learn more about daycare services.

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