Benefits Of Childcare Management Software

Many small childcare centers still operate on a pen and paper method. Unfortunately, this method can become increasingly hard to maintain as your business grows. For both the safety of the children, as well as for monetary and logistical reasons, consider upgrading to a software management system. The following list will help you determine if this is the right choice for you.

#1: Child Files

Although you will still need paper files on each client, moving a copy into the software system is also highly beneficial. The records usually include:

  • Personal information

  • Emergency contact info

  • Allergies and other health related info

  • Grades or other assessment records

  • Special needs information

When this is placed into a software system, your childcare workers can quickly access information from the main computer or from separate workstations in the care rooms. This is much less time consuming than sorting through paper files. These records also take less time to update.

#2: Training and certification information

In most states, childcare workers have required training and certification classes that they must complete, such as first aid or CPR. Keeping track of this information can be time consuming, but failure to do so can result in fines or business closure. Enter the information on each staff member into your management system. The software will then notify you when it is time for a staff member to renew certification or licenses.

#3: Budget and inventory

Management software is also a place to keep track of your budget and your inventory. You can keep tabs on client accounts to make sure everyone is paid up, and even issue invoices and bills straight from the system. An integrated software also works well for tracking employee hours and pay. Finally, keep track of budget items like diapers and craft supplies, as well as tracking the inventory for these items. This way you will always have up to date information for reordering supplies.

#4: Daily logs

Many childcare facilities keep notes on each day. These are used to track any issues, such as behavioral problems, as well as to record information that the workers or even the parents may need later, such as illness records. Your staff can type their logs right into the system throughout the day. This makes them less likely to forget if a child came in that morning with the sniffles, for example. As an added benefit, you can access these logs easily in the software when they are needed – and you won't have to try to decipher someone else's handwriting.

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